AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Full-Face Helmet

AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Full-Face Helmet

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AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Full-Face Helmet

Prepare to experience the pinnacle of obsession, where precision, ecstasy, and unmatched performance collide. This helmet redefines every boundary, pushing the limits of imagination and leaving no parameter unexplored.

When it comes to extreme performance, the Pista GP RR leaves no room for compromise. Every aspect of this helmet is meticulously designed to deliver off-the-charts performance. Through meticulous research and innovative technological solutions, AGV has crafted a helmet that offers extreme protection, just like those worn by MotoGP riders. Its 100% carbon fiber shell, metal alloy air vents, and remarkably reduced visor mechanisms ensure unparalleled safetya level that defies the impossible.

Aerodynamics, stability, and speed are the essence of the AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Full-Face Helmet. Its sleek shape effortlessly cuts through the air, with every detail meticulously crafted to conquer resistance. The distinct wedge chinguard, aerodynamic channels on the shell’s top, metal alloy air vents with a winged profile, and spoiler designed to eliminate dynamic weight and work in harmony with the suit’s aerodynamic humpall these elements combine to achieve perfection in every detail. The wind becomes your ally as you soar beyond all limits.

Control is the key to becoming a legend, and the Pista GP RR is designed to set records. Its fully customizable interior, featuring extremely lightweight and breathable materials, ensures ultimate comfort. The integrated hydration system and optical class 1 Ultravision visor leave no detail overlooked, providing the rider with absolute confidence and awareness. With the mind solely focused on the road, new records are set, and legends are born.

The Ultravision visor offers an extraordinary 190 horizontal visual field and an 85 vertical visual field, coupled with optical class 1 quality. It grants the rider extreme visual freedom in every direction, enabling total control over the road, obstacles, and rivals. With eyes fixed on the goal, nothing can distract you.

The 360 Adaptive Fit system ensures a fully customizable fit, tailoring the crown, cheek pads, and neck to your unique head shape and riding style. With 17 different thickness options, the Pista GP RR becomes a truly personalized helmet, perfectly suited to you.

The Ultra-Dry breathable interior engineering keeps you dry and comfortable, even during maximum effort. Sweat and humidity are instantly absorbed, ensuring your focus remains unbroken. AGV’s MotoGP Hydration System integrates seamlessly with water bags in the aerodynamic hump of Dainese leather suits, allowing you to replenish lost liquids during competition.

The unmistakable wedge chinguard of the AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Full-Face Helmet not only exhibits a distinct shape but also cuts through the wind, reducing resistance and minimizing fatigue. Your head remains dedicated solely to performance, undisturbed by external factors.

At speeds of 160 km/h, the helmet’s aerodynamic configuration cancels out dynamic weight, providing a sensation akin to flying along the finish straight. Complete control is achieved as the wheels stay firmly connected to the asphalt. The weight becomes imperceptible, allowing you to fully concentrate on the ride.

The wing-shaped ventilation system ensures optimal airflow. Metal alloy air vents collect the flow and channel it towards the Pro Spoiler. Ventilation and stability go beyond excellence, recognizing the importance of aerodynamic performance, where every thousandth of a second counts.

Speaking of the Pro Spoiler, it flawlessly integrates and interacts with the racing suit’s aerodynamic hump. This wing design allows the helmet to glide at high speeds while significantly reducing the aerodynamic coefficient. So, conquer the air and leave your rivals in awe.

Now let’s dive into the features that make the Pista GP RR a true force to be reckoned with:

AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Full-Face Helmet Features

  • Race suit fitment
  • Shell and 5-density EPS structure designed to minimize rotational accelerations (FIM homologated)
  • Collarbone safe profile
  • Detachable PRO Spoiler
  • Metal air vents and extractors (five front vents and two rear extractors)
  • 100% carbon fiber shell
  • 100% Max Vision Pinlock (120) included
  • Scratch-resistant clear visor with wide field of vision (190 horizontal and 85 vertical)
  • 5 mm thick visor is class 1 optical standard approved for excellent vision
  • Elastic and breathable microfiber crown pad
  • Micro-opening system
  • Shalimar fabric cheek pads for soft and stable fit even at high speed
  • Breathable neck roll fabric with elastic and waterproof inserts
  • 2Dry: instant sweat absorption
  • Microsense: premium skin comfort
  • Sanitized interior offering antibacterial protection
  • Extra Quick Release System for tool-free shield replacement
  • 360 Adaptive fit
  • Three-piece adaptable crown pad fit
  • Embracing neck roll profile
  • No stitches in sensitive areas
  • All interior parts are easily removable and washable
  • Cheek pads safety release system
  • Removable wind protector
  • Removable nose guard
  • Titanium Double D-rings
  • Includes interiors customization kit (top crown pad, rear crown pad, and cheek pads), hydration system, tear-off kit, vent covers, and earplugs

The AGV Pista GP RR Helmet is not just a helmet; it’s an extension of your passion for speed. Embrace the obsession and elevate your riding experience to extraordinary heights. Get ready to dominate the road like never before!

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