’24 DesertX Rally

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Whether you’re looking for off-road adventure or the competition of a rally-raid, the DesertX Rally is here to help you conquer the toughest challenges and push yourself beyond every limit.


Ducati Testastretta 11°, L-Twin Cylinders, Desmodromic valvetrain, 4 valves per cylinder, liquid cooled.




110 hp @ 9,250 rpm


68 lb-ft @ 6,500 rpm

Dry Weight

445 lbs.

Whether you’re looking for off-road adventure or the competition of a rally-raid, the DesertX Rally is here to help you conquer the toughest challenges and push yourself beyond every limit.

Professional off-road suspension

The bike offers an additional 20mm of suspension travel, for a total of 250mm at the front and 240mm at the rear. Both the 48mm closed cartridge front fork and 46mm rear shock are produced in collaboration with KYB. The DesertX Rally flaunts a technology used on MX and enduro bikes that guarantees homogeneous behavior and the necessary support even during the most extreme use.

Race-spec equipment

The DesertX Rally is more efficient off-road thanks to wheels that are lighter and more technical, with carbon steel spokes machined from solid hubs and high-resistance Takasago Excel rims. The front wheel retains its 21”x2.15” size, while the rear is narrower than that of the DesertX, measuring 18”x4”.

Lighter components

The DesertX Rally is more efficient off-road thanks to its dedicated wheels, carbon sump guard, and billet aluminum rear brake and gear level. It weighs about the same as the DesertX (just 2 pounds more), but the sensation is completely different.

Off-roading soul

The DesertX Rally is even more efficient off road equipped with the state-of-the-art off-road components. The front brake line is split, to allow for the mounting of the high mudguard. The Öhlins steering damper is adjustable and attached directly to the handlebar.

The gear lever and rear brake pedal are in billet aluminum. The sump guard is in forged carbon, more resistant than the standard version on the DesertX and lighter than the version currently available as a Ducati Performance accessory for the DesertX.

Mass-colored plastics

The plastics are mass-colored and unpainted, so any scratches are less visible. The graphics are adhesive, in thick PVC, to better protect the surfaces of the bike and ensure greater scope for customization. The colors and graphics of the new livery take up those of the DesertX with which Antoine Meo triumphed in the Erzbergrodeo Prologue.

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Cornering ABS

An anti-lock braking system is a safety system that prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking during heavy braking. Essentially, the ABS regulates the braking pressure on the wheel, allowing it to continuously have traction on the riding surface.


Ducati Traction Control

Traction control is a system that prevents (or limits) spin of the rear wheel under acceleration. Gently manages engine clearance recovery, modulating the torque delivered and avoiding the peak that can occur when clearance recovery is complete, so as to make it even easier and more predictable. acceleration out of corners.


Cruise Control

Electronic system introduced by Ducati for the first time in 2014 on the Multistrada 1200 that allows you to automatically maintain the speed set by the rider without twisting the throttle.



Ducati brake light (DBL)

In the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light to alert the following vehicles, a solution that further improves rider’s safety.



Ducati Multimedia System (DMS) Accessory

Infotainment system for connecting the smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth, to allow the rider to manage the main multimedia functions of the mobile phone



Ducati quick shifter (DQS)

Electronic system derived from racing that allows you to change gears without using the clutch and without closing the throttle when shifting to a higher gear.



Daytime running light (DRL)

These are the daytime running lights that are used to comply with the obligation to use dipped headlights during the day.



Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC)

System that controls the wheelie and allows you to achieve maximum acceleration performance with ease and safety.



Engine Brake Control (EBC)

The DesertX comes complete with EBC (Engine Brake Control). Adjustable according to three levels, this allows engine brake behavior to be modulated depending on riding style and vehicle use.


Ride-by-Wire System

Also known as electronic accelerator, it is a system that electronically manages the opening and closing of the throttle (s).



Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Connect your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth and visualise directions directly on your dashboard, without using external accessories or having to stop to consult your phone.