Gingerman Raceway – Track Day

Date(s) - 08/07/2023
All Day

Gingerman Raceway

We are excited to announce the second of three track days for 2023! Ducati Detroit will be heading back to Gingerman Raceway located in South Haven, Michigan. We know you’ve all been waiting for this announcement, so mark your calendars now! Price includes catered lunch.


See below for Rules and Regulations:

    • Waiver must be signed by each person entering the track premises.
    • NO ALCOHOL while track is hot.
    • Paddock speed is 15mph and that goes for pit bikes as well.
    • Pre-registration is preferred.
    • There are no half day passes available for open track events. Open track events run from 9am until
    5pm rain or shine.
    • All drivers/riders must attend drivers meeting prior to start of event (hosted at LaDolce
    Vida/Pavilion). Announced time and location over the P.A.
    • Appropriate wristbands assigned at drivers meeting must be worn at all times while on premises.
    • Obey the flags, we enforce a 3 strike rule.
    • Helmets must be 2005 Snell or newer. Please see “HELMET REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDE” to see if
    your helmet is good to use or if you need a new one.
    • Helmets must be on and strapped at pre-grid/hot pit.
    • Harness/seat belt must be in place at pre-grid/hot pit.
    • Long pants and closed toed shoes are required regardless of weather. (no shorts, flip flops or
    sandals). We highly recommend a long sleeve shirt. A fire suit and racing shoes are even better
    although not required.
    • Keep occupied seat windows down at all times regardless of weather.
    • If you have a convertible, please see the “CONVERTIBLE REQUIREMENTS AND WAIVER”. We also
    require an additional waiver to be signed by all convertible drivers.
    • Convertible vehicles must have roll protection in place. Top of occupant helmet shall be 2 inches
    below roofline or top of windshield.
    • Absolutely NO PASSENGERS are allowed unless coach/instructor.
    • Absolutely NO DRIFTING allowed on track.
    • Trucks, large sedans, karts and motorcycles are not permitted during open track.
    • Keep hands in vehicle at all times except to give point by or hand signals.
    • No loose items in car (cameras, cell phones, loose change, etc).
    • All cameras must be securely attached to vehicle.
    • There is NO CONTACT allowed, any accidents involving contact will be assessed on a per incident
    basis and you may be parked for the remainder of the event if we decide to do so.
    • Management reserves the right to restrict drivers from entering course or participating.

We look forward to hitting the track together.