Passenger Comfort Seat – Panigale V2, V4 & Streetfighter V4

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SKU: 96880602A
Fits on:
  • Panigale V2
  • Panigale V4 , Panigale V4 S , Panigale  V4 S Corse
  • Streetfighter V4 , Streetfighter V4 S

Not compatible with [p/n]: 96580181A GPS KIT 1409 PERFORMANCE; 96580171B GPS +  DDA KIT 1409 PERFORMANCE

The V4 R are not stocked with passenger rider footrest and a pillion rider seat from the factory. V4 R also requires purchase of the following [p/n]:

1 (one) 482P2471AA Cover Frame RH (only available in red) ; 1 (one) 482P2461AA Cover Frame LH (Only available in red); 1 (one) 48222551A Holder; 2 (two) 77240253C Screw; 4 (four) 85611401A Washer; 4 (four) 77210861B Screw TBEI M5X18; 1 (one) 82413591AA Rear RH Plate; 1 (one) 82413601AA LH Plate; 4 (four) 77157248B Screw TCEIF M8X22; 2 (two) 82110512AA Footrest Pins; 2 (two) 79910241B Springs; 2 (two) 88450031A CIRCLIP E-Type; 2 (two) 69610121A Block; 1 (one) 46410531B RH Footrest; 1 (one) 46410541B LH Footrest.