Panigale V2 Complete Titanium Exhausts System

A new, very high-performance exhaust system has been created thanks to Akrapovič’s skillful workmanship combined with Ducati design, exclusively for Panigale.

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SKU: 96481722AA

It is completely manufactured in special titanium alloy and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) type welding, to offer the highest lightness and resistance to high temperatures. It is equipped with a dedicated engine map to meet specific racing requirements and ensure maximum performance. The already excellent weight/power ratio of the supersport bike has been further improved by this exclusive accessory, for breathtaking acceleration and sprint.


Weight reduction [kg] 7.0
Power at medium rpm [hp] +3%
Torque at medium rpm [Nm] +12%
Max. Power [hp] +3%
Max. Torque [Nm] +3%
Composition Titanio