Ducati Horizon V2 Carbon Modular Helmet

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Designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati, the new Horizon V2 helmet is a perfect blend of style and safety designed for touring use. The construction of the outer shell, made of Ultra Carbon combined with aramid and glass fibers, ensures resistance and protection. Thermoregulatory active carbon filaments, which are antistatic and dissipative, form the internal Carbon Fitting padding. This is designed to absorb and disperse the kinetic energy in case of impact. Thanks to the Eyewear Adaptive system it is possible to wear glasses. Furthermore, the Ultrawide visor features a large surface which guarantees excellent visibility and maximum safety when riding. The included sun visor offers excellent protection from UV rays – up to 400 nm – and can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning. The chin guard has a mechanism that allows the front section of the helmet to be contained when raised, thus reducing the “sail” effect. The helmet is prepared for the use of the top of the range communication system N-com B-902X, which is extremely easy to install. Excellent technical features are combined with a new graphic design, iconic and essential at the same time, which enhances the colors and the Ducati logo with geometric lines and sophisticated chromatic combinations, able to give this helmet a modern and gritty look.